Weekly Results

A complete record of bets, profits and losses.

October 2015 93 bets placed £9,300 £14,041 £4,741 Download
November 2015 Coming soon —– —– —– Download
December 2015 Coming soon —– —– —– Download
January 2016 Coming soon —– —– —– Download
February 2016 Coming soon —– —– —– Download
Running total 93 £9,300 £14,041 £4,741 Download
  1. Profits and Losses are based on £100 stake per bet.

  2. We calculate our returns based on the Betfair Starting Price (BSP), which is available to everyone with a Betfair account.

  3. When we advise our daily bets we will tell you the best odds available at that time with Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) bookmakers. Placing bets at these odds can often lead to greater profits and a breakdown can be viewed in the downloadable PDF reports.

Please be aware that past performance is not in itself a guarantee of future success. Whilst all our advised bets are carefully researched bets on horse racing, taken at an individual level, are high risk investments. Our aim is to achieve long term profits but there will inevitably be some long losing spells. Investors should be aware that not all months will be profitable and should plan their finances accordingly.